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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you serve food (or anything besides beer)?

We do not serve food, but love to support other local businesses! Bring in your own food or have it delivered. We have John's Pizzeria right across our patio and they will deliver their full menu at no charge. We also have several other great restaurants within a couple blocks that you can order carry out or delivery from. ask our Beerslingers for options. Just please do not bring in any outside alcoholic beverages of any kind. We appreciate your cooperation!



Do you sell/fill growlers?


We do not sell growlers and we generally prefer not to fill them since growlers are detrimental to beer quality. We do however sell 16 ounce cans to go. You can buy them individually or as as many as you’d like. The price would be the same as filling a growler or howler and you get more flexibility by being able to get several flavors instead of one. Here's an article about the many drawbacks of growlers that led to our decision to give up the growler.



Do you distribute your beer?

We self-distribute a very small amount of our beer. We brew everything on site in small batches. Our volume is limited and a vast majority of our beer is sold in our taproom. If you are interested in purchasing kegs/cans for wholesale or for a private event, message us and we will be happy to discuss if we have any stock available.


If you have any questions that were not answered in this section, please message us through social media or through the website. We look forward to your visit and sharing our beer with you. Cheers!

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